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Would you be interested in seeing some school work that I'm doing at art college right now? 

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Getting Rid of Characters

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 22, 2017, 6:31 PM

I have too many characters so it's time for me to clear them out and let you guys have a chance of claiming some!

Some characters have art alongside with them or had more thought put into them, making them higher in value. I'm all up for negotiating but just know this is where I'll be mostly standing. There'll be notes on each of the characters too. If you have a just tell me and I can transfer them through that too.

Kuroko by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Kuroko
Notes: They only have a reference sheet, and in the picture is a male and female, but I never thought out if they're twins or if that's just him crossdressing don't know?? Up to you??
Price: $3.00/300 Pink Points

N,mn,mn,n, by Mizuki-Yorudan 
Yuzuki Chan By Crimsonseal-d9ho9tr by Mizuki-Yorudan    Yuzuki By Crimsonseal-d9hdprv by Mizuki-Yorudan  Yuzuki by Mizuki-Yorudan  Sailing Starry Skies By Alpha Nerd-d8m6foj by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Yuzuki
Notes: Yuzuki was designed as a night witch explaining his outfit. He comes with quite some art and was roleplayed with for a while.
Price: $8.00/800Pink Points

Mizu Hana Reference Sheet by Mizuki-Yorudan   Contestt By Vigliacco-d8k2xhk by Mizuki-Yorudan  At  Mizu Hana By Mytwistedmind-d8mlsnz by Mizuki-Yorudan  Utasketch   Mizu Hana By Yukariyakumo-d8guk5v by Mizuki-Yorudan  Commish 4 Mizuki By Arui Chi-d8k19go by Mizuki-Yorudan  Utau   By Runegod-d8h44jx by Mizuki-Yorudan Mizu Hana By Sly Regina-d8mthf8 by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Mizu Hana
Notes: He was an UTAU that his voice got lost when my computer went to shit yeah so I just have the design. He was meant to go along with Chikyu but I lost her too. She's his older sister. So if you want both of them I could bundle them. Along with their designs comes with DEMO songs that sampled their voice before I lost them. There's a few more pieces of art too!
Price: $10/1000Pink Points 

Chikyu Hebi Reference Sheet by Mizuki-Yorudan  C  Chikyu Hebi By Social Sloth-d8kjapt by Mizuki-Yorudan  Wired By Sweetlyviolent-d8p6omy by Mizuki-Yorudan  The Story Of A Utau By Crimsonseal-d98eik5 by Mizuki-Yorudan  Com  Chikyu Hebi By Iamtoolazytomakeone-d8sb3hq by Mizuki-Yorudan  Commission By Shadramon641219-d8j5a74 by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Chikyu Hebi
Notes: She was an UTAU that lost her voice when my computer fucked up. If you want both of them I could bundle them. Along with their designs comes with DEMO songs that sampled their voice before I lost them. There's a few more pieces of art too!
Price: $11/1100Pink Points 

Tetra by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Tetra
Notes: She doesn't have any other art other than her reference sheet done in watercolors. She has a gaming tetris theme going on about her, and if wanted I could do a full body too!
Price: $2.00/200Pink Points 

Ref by Mizuki-Yorudan  Tetsu Chen By Annobethal-d9ax8st by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Tetsu Chen
Notes: I never did a lot with him sadly, so I only have his reference and a commission. Still an interesting character.
Price: $3.00/300Pink Points 

A by Mizuki-Yorudan  008 by Mizuki-Yorudan  Image (33) by Mizuki-Yorudan   Mix by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Nameless
Notes: He's an oldie oh wow// I even forgot about him until I was looking through my folders. There's a lot of art from me but I never had anyone else draw him.
Price: $4.00/400Pink Points 

Witch by Mizuki-Yorudan  1 By Immagamercat-d9esp34 by Mizuki-Yorudan  TUUHH9w by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Kazu
Notes: I really love this one but I just never use him and I need the money so I'll see where this goes, if no one takes him then I guess I'm keeping him. He's got a few more pieces of art but not a lot.
Price: $8.00/800Pink Points 

Nbc by Mizuki-Yorudan  zDVQ7U8 by Mizuki-Yorudan  Comm   Sapphire Headshot By Generalsin-d9hpl1v by Mizuki-Yorudan  Green Witch By Mittk-d9ewajf by Mizuki-Yorudan  5 By Cross Angel Chan-d8l3aae by Mizuki-Yorudan

Name: Sapphire
Notes: She has a lot of art, but I never use her for some reason. The idea in her design was that her freckles is where her powers are. The more she uses her powers the less freckles she has and the more her hair turns green. When she doesn't use her powers her hair turns back to blue and the freckles return.
Price: $10.00/1000Pink Points

So if you want anyone just comment below! Like I said before, I'm open to negotiations. There's no limit to how many you can buy.

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